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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Elloveo: Science Game

There are a lot of games out there. Try one where the rules of the game are the laws of physics!
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Elloveo: Science Game
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There are a lot of games out there. Try one where the rules of the game are the laws of physics!

As countless parents can attest, the introduction to electricity enthralls students. Completing the circle of a circuit is baked into its very name. For even the youngest students, it's intuitive - a literal lightbulb moment. But as many teachers will then attest, there's a hidden wall in further understanding: electricity and magnetism. This is the branch of physics that most derails students. Voltage, capacitors, and electric fields become harder to understand. And the smaller microchips get, the bigger that gap grows. The science simply becomes harder and harder to see.

Until now. Stanford engineers, with support from the National Science Foundation, have finally visualized in real time - in a simple interactive way - the currents that connect simple electricity to advanced magnetism. Better yet, they turned it into a game.

With over 100 levels (33 free), it guides players from simple electric charges to, at its highest levels, college level power generation. Throughout every level, you "see" the otherwise invisible currents and charges. It is both consistently intuitive and interactive: At every level, players manually manipulate the game play to learn the underlying lesson - and unlock the next level. And all supplemented by videos and for teachers, lesson plans. Physics, step-by-step, at your fingertips.

It's as much for the K-8 child that says she loves science as it is for struggling high school student who says he hates it. Not to mention the teachers, tutors and parents who are trying to help them.

If "learning to code" is the key to understanding the software that powers our apps, then understanding electromagnetism is the key to understanding the hardware of our future: from electric cars to wrist watch heart monitors. Think about how many screens we touch and devices we charge and you get a sense of its growing importance, not just in STEM education but career opportunities.

・INTERACTIVE: Add/Move components and see forces and fields change in real-time
・INTUITIVE: "Play" with electromagnetism, learn the concepts first, equations later
・REAL: Behind the game is a patent-pending, interactive electromagnetic simulator
・VISUALIZE: Electric/magnetic fields, current and voltage are beautifully displayed
・SONIFIED: You can close your eyes and "hear" the charge, magnets, and fields (!)
・DEMYSTIFIED: Energy is the "score" in the game, use less energy and score higher
・VIDEOS: Animations and real-world videos reinforce concepts
・BACKED: Founded by a Stanford EE PhD, and funded by the National Science Foundation

This subject is hard, so the game is helpful to a wide audience:
・AGES 5-7: Excel in levels exploring charge, magnets, conductors, lightning
・AGES 8-12: Progress to battery, light-bulb, electric car, + power generation levels
・HIGH SCHOOL: Playing the game helps students visualize electric and magnetic fields, capacitors, inductors, voltage
・ADULTS: Many of us were taught this subject with a heavy math focus, and were lost. Adults often find the game challenging, but rewarding.

Since 2018, over 500 individuals and students in K-12 classrooms have helped refine the app. Here is what some have to say:

“The Elloveo app makes (electricity and magnetism) concepts visible and easy to grasp, which is truly remarkable, and it challenges students to make the connections on their own through clever game design elements...My students loved using it"
・Dalton, Middle school science teacher, SF Bay Area, CA

"I saw students of all ability levels able to access the game, gain new knowledge, and connect the new understandings to previous knowledge."
・Amy V., Ed.D., K-8 Principal, Chicago, IL

“The game really helped me understand difficult concepts and made it fun and easy."
・4th grader, Los Angeles, CA

・Elloveo is certified COPPA compliant by CARU
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