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Emolah - Mood detector Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Emolah - Mood detector

A speech emotion detector used to classify the speaker's emotion in real time.
$0.99 EXPIRÉ

This giveaway offer has been expired. Emolah - Mood detector is now available on the regular basis.

Emolah is speech emotion detector used to classify the speaker's emotion in real time. Observation of a person's emotion is crucial in daily aspects of life. Understanding the state of emotion in a person engaged during a personal conversation, in public speeches, teaching and learning environment or in public services influences the outcome of the activities. Therefore, a speech emotion analysis tool may benefit and assist in many real life situations.

Emolah speech emotion model is trained using 5 hours of emotion speech from people of various ages and ethnicity. It can detect four basic emotions (i.e. sad, neutral, happy and angry). The lightweight emotion model can be installed on a smartphone and readily used anytime and anywhere.

The help button is provided to help you use the application immediately. You can record any voices and the emotion is displayed instantly. As the emotion changes, Emolah displays the series of emotions on the screen. The recorded voice is saved temporarily for analysis and discarded once you recorded a new session or when the application terminates.

Try it to know your family, friends and foes emotions.

It will be frequently updated to improve the accuracy and efficiency.


Izzad Ramli


Health & Fitness




56.71 MB




Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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