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enhanceAl Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - enhanceAl

enhanceAI will vastly improve less-than-ideal images and add incredible detail with our optional Super Resolution.
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enhanceAI will vastly improve less-than-ideal images and add incredible detail with our optional Super Resolution.

Automatically remove blur and noise, improve images and add up to 8x detail with enhanceAI. Don't worry about the details. Just give enhanceAI a less-than-perfect shot, and enhanceAI will do the rest.

Generally, the less perfect or lower resolution an image is, the more dramatic the improvement will be, but enhanceAI can add a clean touch to images that aren't damaged.

Our optional Super Resolution can add a jaw-dropping 8x detail to portions of images or enlarge entire images up to gigapixels (that's billions of pixels).

Whether you're looking to print your photos in high resolution or want to make them look their best, enhanceAI is the app for you.

About Image Reconstruction
Our Reconstruction mode destroys part of the image and rebuilds it using our neural network trained from millions of examples of high-quality photos.

Practically all less-than-ideal images are likely to gain a noticeable improvement - automatically! For instance: blurry, soft, low-resolution, and noisy images are often significantly improved. enhanceAI will breathe new life into old photos.

Depending on the strength and image, it is also possible to get a hyper-realism effect for images that don't require reconstruction.

The higher the Reconstruction setting, the more the original image is destroyed and rebuilt. The lower the strength, the more detail preserved. Unless an image is severely damaged, higher quality output often results from using the lower settings at the expense of taking longer.

Severely damaged images can benefit from multiple passes of Reconstruction. When using Reconstruction, there is a re-enhance option in the more options menu.

About Super Resolution
Unlike traditional image enlargement that produces undesirable pixelization and artifacts, Super Resolution uses neural networks trained from millions of examples on the difference between low and high-resolution images. Then, when our neural network sees low-resolution images, it can make highly accurate predictions of high-resolution versions. In other words, it's trained to "imagine" detail that is non-existent in the original image and works exceedingly well compared to traditional image enlargement.

We offer Super Resolution as an in-app purchase with A.I. trained at 4x and 8x (available as 2x through 8x). We're confident you'll be amazed by it, so we are happy to offer a free 3-day trial.

Note that 6x-8x requires an iPhone with an A15 or better processor or an iPad with M1 chips or better. At the time of writing, that means 8x runs on iPhone 13s, 14s, and the current family of iPad Pros.

Processing Time
enhanceAI is capable of creating huge images with more than a billion pixels. Creating and writing huge images is time-consuming on practically any device or computer.

Reconstruction can take a minute to several minutes, depending on your device, image resolution, and setting. Given the same image on the same device, Super Resolution will take longer.

For Reconstruction and particularly Super Resolution, we strongly advise cropping the image on our optional crop screen to only the section of an image needed. Unless starting with a low-resolution image, we only recommend running Super Resolution on the entire picture when using it for a print or other specific purpose. Generally, there isn't a need for 1/4 billion or more pixel images, but enhanceAI will create them if you command it and give it enough time.

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