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Equal 10 Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Equal 10

Equal 10 is a super simple arithmetic game.
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Equal 10
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Equal 10 is a super simple arithmetic game. It's all about calculating the sum of 10 on the screen. Numbers between 1 and 9 are displayed, which you have to add up to ten. Pretty simple, isn't it? All right, that's right! To be fair you have to say that you go game over if you calculate too slowly ;=)

The app helps you to improve your arithmetic skills easily. Ideal for small sessions in between e.g. in the bus or if you have to wait for someone. Improve your mental arithmetic simply and everywhere! You will be surprised how fast your mental arithmetic improves!

The app offers two different modes and a world ranking list with all top mental calculators worldwide. By the way. In 2014, Equal 10 won the Best of Swiss Apps Award. One more reason to download the app and calculate like Einstein! Have fun learning!


Marco Krapf






15.21 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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