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Equity Maps – Chart Dialogue Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Equity Maps – Chart Dialogue

Measure and graphically illustrate levels and types of participation.

This giveaway offer has expired. Equity Maps – Chart Dialogue is now available on the regular basis.

Chart & record the interaction of students or colleagues to measure and graphically illustrate levels and types of participation. The instant analytics & animated playback at multiple speeds will help spur discussion and engage everyone in deeper reflection!

Effortlessly trace and assess your students' interaction, performance, & involvement! Classroom discussions, meeting debriefs, & post-observations will never be the same again!

With Equity Maps®, you can promote wider collaboration, engage students, and nurture reflection of teachers & students alike.


• Simply tap on the participants’ icons when they speak & Equity Maps will do the rest by visually charting the interactions & calculating levels of participation for your group or class.

• “Playback” the diagram of interactions among participants in real time or in fast forward mode at various speeds.

• Use the record audio function & access selectable playback of individual participants to review your class or meeting—powerful for taking audio notes, or for reflecting on the dialogue of the group.

• Track the nature of each participants' contributions with CheckNotes, available in the Premium version--gain access to 17 templates or create your own.

• The “Feedback Frames” provide key statistics for teachers, students or group members:
-Display statistics of total time & frequency spoken for all participants.
-Measure involvement based on gender within the class or group.
-View statistics of shared time & involvement.
-Premium Version - Access CheckNotes
-Premium Version - Export the data to a CSV file to track over time


• Quickly set-up your class or meeting, up to 20 participants
• Customize the class layout in “class mode” —circles or semicircles.
• View Feedback frames & playback the map
• Select from a variety of table arrangements.
• Save classes & groups for easy access.

PREMIUM - Available with In-App purchase to activate the following features:

• Expanded number of participants, up to 40
• CheckNote feature to track the nature of participants' contributions
• Access to 17 CheckNote Templates / create custom templates too!
• Expanded data in the Feedback Frames
• NEW! Export data to CSV files to track data over time
• Access to all future premium updates through at least v3.0
• In the works for the next update...Add custom tables!


• Enhance your Socratic Seminars, Literature Circles, group discussions, Harkness®(*) discussions, or full classroom discussions.
• Monitor & assess Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards, ATL, or seminar criteria.
• Promote student involvement & self-reflection.
• Easily assess student participation.


• Encourage deeper reflection of your group’s goals, norms & processes.
• Equity Maps is ideal for your collaborative work:
- Critical Friends Group® coaches & facilitators (CFG work)
- Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)


• Provide teachers with a visual perspective of their classroom instruction like they’ve never seen before!
• Revitalize reflective practices for teachers, present objective data to improve the scope & reduce anxiety of post-observation meetings.
• Make your classroom observations truly more meaningful & reflective.
• Gather objective data & access the “Feedback Frames” for deeper discussions about instructional practices, student involvement & classroom equity.

At Equity Maps we believe that true collaboration is possible only when diverse groups of people come together in dialogue to inquire, create, problem solve, & innovate!

EquityMaps® is a registered trademark at the USPTO.

*EquityMaps has been developed completely independent of Phillips Exeter Academy & is not affiliated in any way with the academy.

Critical Friends Group® is a registered trademark of the National School Reform Faculty (NSRF®)


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