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Fall of Gods: fantasy RPG Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Fall of Gods: fantasy RPG

The Fall of Gods is the third RPG developed by ChowChow Game Studio based on Eternal Legend Series.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Fall of Gods: fantasy RPG is now available on the regular basis.

About the Game

The Fall of Gods is the third RPG developed by ChowChow Game Studio based on Eternal Legend Series. Players can have a good trip and take risks in a continent where eight major races are caught in disputes and experience the rise and fall of a dynasty personally. The brand new combat mechanism has broken through the shackles of traditional RPG and invent diversified playing methods in order to enable the players to enjoy the battle fully and delightfully in the game.


1. Brand new original story
The story happens in a new Land of Forever where the eight major races scramble for land fiercely, and players can experience ups and downs in the troubled times.

2.Diversified Battle System with a Half-Round System
The innovation-type battle system with a half-round system can enrich the content of battles. With more and stronger Boss Battles, you’ll have much enjoyment and forget to go back home.

3.Divergence-Form Equipment System
The brand new forging system and divergence-form forging equipment can not only arrange properties by yourselves but also improve your skills through equipment. And besides, the character’s appearance will change with equipment each time. Don't you feel excited?

4.Brand New Divine-Object System
Collect the Resurrection Stone to reinforce your divine objects and bring about a qualitative change of your skills. Hence, you can deal with each powerful boss by way of more means.

5.Both mounts and pets will help you
Formidable pet training system can make you accomplish a task with ease in the battle. Cool Mounts will catch more people’s eyes when you travel in the world.

6.If mercenaries are of the same mind,their sharpness can cut through metal.
Have you already gotten tired of the training of leading characters? Once mercenaries join, you can train them in a simpler and more various manner. Owning to the fact that mercenaries of eight occupations assist in fighting, you can break through the traditional fixed fighting pattern that is only confined to leading characters and choose mercenaries of your own accord. As s result, you can cope with the boss in an easier manner.


Nanjing SaiLai Network Technology Co., Ltd.






288.58 MB




English, Chinese


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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