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Fast Convert ! Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Fast Convert !

The simplest, most beautiful way possible to convert units.
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Fast Convert !
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The simplest, most beautiful way possible to convert units.

Just select the unit you want to convert, and it will be automatically added to your shortcuts. You can then access to this unit directly.

Usually, you end up converting the same unit over and over again.
This app is fully focused on efficiency to help you find your unit as fast as possible, for the optimum user experience


If you don’t find your unit, contact us and we will add it in the next release.

This is the only unit converter you will ever need.


Simple and streamlined interface, very easy to use

• For the best user experience
• Shortcut for unit are automatically added
• You can reorganize your unit shortcut
• You can customize the number of decimals


Over 130 Units and 20 Categories. Focusing on the most common unit used.

• Acceleration
• Angle
• ApparentPower
• Area
• Charge
• Current
• Digital
• Energy
• Force
• Frequency
• Illuminance
• Length
• Mass
• Power
• Pressure
• Speed
• Temperature
• Time
• Voltage
• Volume

If your unit is missing contact us and we will add it.


Do not hesitate to contact us with the Contact button inside the app. We reply to all emails and take feedback into account :)


Bruno Bongiovanni






47.53 MB






iPhone, iPad

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