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Fishing Expert-Freshwater Fish Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Fishing Expert-Freshwater Fish

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A comprehensive database for fishing.
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Fishing Expert-Freshwater Fish
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Fishing Expert App (freshwater fish) contains an intelligent data base giving 250+ fishing tips for bass (smallmouth and largemouth), trout (brook, brown, and rainbow trout), musky, walleye, sauger, northern pike, crappie, panfish (sunfish, and bluegill). The app asks you to select the conditions you go fishing under, and then provides one or more of over 250+ proven fishing tips or patterns. You specify weather, time of year (e.g. spring, summer, and fall), type of water (e.g. lake, river, or stream), time of day. Wind, spawning conditions, high / low pressure systems, water clarity and more are considered. The techniques and fishing tips given are unique for the fish specified by you (largemouth bass, trout, walleye, musky, northerns, and panfish). Tips for boat control are shown as well as individual weather situations for each fish species.

Large pictures of fish are also shown to quickly id similar looking fish. Many times similar looking fish can be hard to identify, and we show side by side pictures to make it easy.

Basic tackle, knots, and bait info are given

An easy to use calculator to find fish weight from length, girth measurements is also available. The equations are the latest ones from the Wisconsin DNR.

No internet connection required so it can be used in remote areas ; no login account required either. If connected to internet you can look up terms, situations on the web; also you can text friends and family fishing tips; or share on facebook.

Especially good for the beginner and intermediate fisherman.

A dark mode is enabled if user has select dark mode in overall iOS.


Strat-Tech, Inc.






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iPhone, iPad

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