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Flash - fragmented inspiration Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Flash - fragmented inspiration

Whether it's work, life, or study, it will help you catch flashes of inspiration, or to-do lists, or work plans.
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Flash - fragmented inspiration
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Flash - splinter.
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Flash flash, your own inspiration capture tool, a lightweight, minimalist, efficient inspiration collection, voice memo, Todo, schedule management (GTD) and reminders tool. Whether it's work, life, or study, it will help you catch flashes of inspiration, or to-do lists, or work plans.
Flash-memory chips, to-do lists, post-it notes, voice memos, text editors, time management, reminder tools, an App that meets all your productivity needs and is constantly optimized.

"Flash fragments" is simple, efficient and convenient.

- voice memos: speak memos anytime and anywhere, automatically transfer to text storage.
- voice playback: supports playback of voice records anytime and anywhere to make your memory clearer.
- efficient list: simple and clear, colorful list, work and life in perfect order.
- edit again: support unlimited word editing, add inspiration to expand.
- speed search: one-click recognition of voice input to search, support the major search engines.
- one-click sharing: one-click sharing of input to weibo, WeChat, SMS, system memo, etc.
- speedtodo: quickly switch the completed state to your voice todo.
- reminders: voice or keyboard prompt input, directly add system calendar reminders.
- intelligent recognition: highly efficient intelligent speech recognition system, with over 97% accuracy of text recognition, especially dialect and English recognition.
- wallpaper list: custom wallpaper background with a variety of themes to choose from.
-cloud synchronization: support iCloud data backup, multi-device synchronization anytime and anywhere (iPhone, iPad).
- data privacy: no user system, no registration required, ready to use, assured user information.
- password protection: support TouchID and FaceID, gesture password to protect your privacy.
- personality theme: your App defines your favorite color theme.
- perfect fit: perfect fit for iPhone and iPad with different screens.
-url Scheme support: jump to flash, open flash list, and view in App Settings.
- icon replacement: provides rich AppIcon for you to customize your favorite icon.
- dark mode: perfectly adapted to dark mode to make night shine.
- support Wdiget: perfect synchronization of the widget, double-click to switch the completed state, long press to copy the content, and one-click voice input.

Thank you very much for your support.

Problem feedback:
QQ feedback: 506343891
WX feedback: shine5211314
Feedback: 506343891@qq.com
Weibo: @old town
Zhihu: @beicheng

Flash-fragments, record your flash of inspiration.

"Flash flash Pro - automatic membership renewal instructions"
You can choose to pay 3 yuan per month or 28 yuan per year to subscribe to the premium account to unlock more advanced features.
-- subscription period: 1 month (monthly subscription).
-- subscription price: monthly or annual subscription price: ¥3/ month, ¥28/ year.
-- payment: the purchase is confirmed and the payment is credited to the iTunes account.
Users can manage users' subscriptions and automatic updates through their account Settings.
-- cancel renewal: to cancel a subscription, manually turn off automatic renewal in iTunes/Apple ID Settings management 24 hours before the current subscription cycle expires.
-- renewal: a member's own prepaid account or apple iTunes account will deduct the subscription fee within 24 hours before the expiration date, and the subscription period will be extended one subscription period after the deduction is successful.
- privacy policy: http://www.northcity.top/2018/11/18/ShanNianSuiPianPrivacyPolicy/
- automatic renewal membership service agreements: https://www.jianshu.com/p/22b84b4828b2


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