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Flowing 2 ~ Sleep Sounds Relax Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Flowing 2 ~ Sleep Sounds Relax

Sleep better and be more productive with Flowing 2, one of the most advanced nature audio apps ever made.
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Flowing 2 ~ Sleep Sounds Relax
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Can't sleep or focus? Sleep better and be more productive with Flowing 2, one of the most advanced nature audio apps ever made.

Immerse yourself into the most beautiful nature soundscapes with wonderful streams, waterfalls & rivers recorded in abnormally high quality. Explore a great variety of sceneries and discover your favorite spot by moving a virtual microphone around. Flowing 2 features one of the most advanced nature sound field engines in the world, delivering an unprecedented nature audio listening experience.

Taptanium™ certified nature audio means that you hear only crystal clear nature sounds with absolutely zero human made noise intrusions. No people, no airplanes, no cars. Just nature. Infinite playback. Taptanium™ certified nature audio comes from the best sources such as Hawaii and has been mastered to perfection with the highest attainable level of attention to detail, utilizing artificial intelligence to detect even the most distant human-made noise intrusions that humans are capable of recognizing only after hundreds of hours of listening. Only the purest and highest quality nature sounds in the world are able to receive this certification.

Flowing 2 features Taptanium™ neural 3D audio™. If you put on headphones, Flowing 2 can create an incredible sense of immersion. The nature and water plays all around you, not just on your ears. This is called externalization, and it's encoded in a way that your brain naturally decodes. As if you were there.

And if you felt like it, imagine you could mix in some extra 3D nature sounds such as rain on a tent or birds in the trees around you. Get the great sleep and productivity you deserve.

On top, Flowing 2 features relaxing music composed and conducted specifically for Flowing 2 in Hollywood. How many other nature audio apps go this far?


Flowing 2 includes so many things:
• A great variety of natural white noise river and waterfall scenes
• Find your favorite spot to listen or sleep within each scene
• Unlimited playback time, infinitely looped (very long loops)
• Taptanium™ neural 3D audio™ (incredibly immersive)
• Taptanium™ certified quality nature audio
• Mixer: Mix and match some extra nature sounds and music
• Music composed for Flowing 2 in Hollywood
• Adjustable fade-out and sleep timer
• Full background audio support
• Universal app for iPhone and iPad
• No in-app purchases :)
• No subscription :)
• Beautiful audiovisual experience
• Optimized for iPhone X, XR, XS & XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max & iPad Pro!

Flowing 2 comes from the creator of Thunderspace, Windy, Sunny, Away, Flowing and Rainy. Join over 5 million people who have enjoyed my apps so far. Many use them to sleep better, to meditate, to focus on their work or studies, or to help their kids sleep.

Curious about Flowing 2? Get it now, sleep better tonight!

≈ Questions? ≈
Tweet @taptanium, email franz taptanium com or send an email through the in-app contact support page. Looking forward to hear from you! Made with lots of love in Germany.


Franz Bruckhoff






150.69 MB




English, German


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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