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Footprint - Record a lifetime Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Footprint - Record a lifetime

A track recording software assistant.
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# Please note that! Charging strategy of footprint

The current charging strategy of 『Footprint』 is paid download + member paid unlock. Please note that the members here are on an annual subscription basis.
The basic functions include: domestic map + track configuration (color and width) + data import and export + data backup + Photo data import and clear + leaderboard + save wallpaper + add various labels + track overview in recent month.
In addition to the basic functions, the additional unlocking functions include: four map skin + sports mode + positioning mode switch + all track overview + member profile card + member profile map + follow-up member new functions.

# Original intention of software

Qingming Festival in 2017 (17.4.4)
My colleagues and I went to the desert for 12 hours, 25.7 kilometers. We crossed Kubuqi, the seventh largest desert in China.
The trip was very tiring, and it impressed me deeply.
On the way back to Beijing, someone asked, where did we go from?
Unfortunately, no one can say it accurately.
At that time, I felt very sad in my heart.
Maybe my life will be like this, no matter how much experience, how much, to the end, will be forgotten. No one remembers our past. Like our trip, it will soon be forgotten.
So, I wrote this app that can record the trajectory of my life.


# Software features

Different from the day level data display of ordinary track recording software, 『Footprint』 support massive million level data scale display. Moreover, the track recording needs no user operation, and the background automatically records, and the power consumption is extremely low. 『Footprint』 can help you record and share your travel data.

# The main function

1. Track record
Real-time track record in the background
2. Daily data summary
Show your key data for a single day
3. Track overview
Digitize your personal trajectory data
4. Long press the mark
You can use 『Footprint』 to generate your personalized map
5. Generate wallpaper
You can use 『Footprint』 to generate your unique mobile wallpaper

# Very low power consumption

Daily use power consumption is below 10% (I can confidently say that power consumption is extremely low compared to the same type of APP)

# Data privacy

No account login, iCloud backup, no back-end data service, data privacy protection


# Real evaluation of internal beta users:

"每次打开足迹看自己走过的地方就觉得自己也是真实活着的人!" -- 匿名用户

"这款软件忠实的记录着我去过的每一个地方,即便我已经去过,仍然会打上几个点,以点数表明频次,汇集起来的那却不是一个个单点,而是一条条我曾走过的路,看过的风景,那最亮的地方,就是我的家呀。#希望作者大大能坚持下去,我必为这款软件打call!加油!" -- 匿名用户

"非常有意义,有点像日记一样,哦,我来过这,我记得这" -- 匿名用户

"感谢作者,非常喜欢这个软件,对我来说,能看到自己去过的足迹就非常有意义。我希望数据能长久保存,在自己老的时候,能输出一张世界地图,标记自己去过的地方,打印下来挂着。" -- 匿名用户

"我很喜欢这个app,一个一个点汇集成了一条条线,哪怕每天上下班的路,也会因为这个app,走一些不同的道路,感谢您,请继续努力," -- 匿名用户

"我很喜欢这种在过了一段假期后回到正常上班前的一天晚上,突然打开足迹看到记录下的足迹的那种感觉。这个就是意义了吧。" -- 匿名用户

"时而看看轨迹路线,回忆。小时候总期待长大,想成为一个有故事的人。现在故事有了,轨迹和小黄点在我需要的时候能给我美好的回忆。" -- 匿名用户

"我们忘记的太快了,很多时候,我们四处漫游,走了很远。但回头看看,我们自己都忘记了自己走过了哪里,换句话说,我们对自己的过往是没有觉知,也没有感激的。足迹像一个reminder,给了我和过去的自己链接的机会。看着自己的轨迹,哪里疏哪里密,哪里是一个大点,就会想起自己曾经在这些地方度过的人生。它的意义,绝无仅有。" -- 匿名用户


Finally, thank you to the 1154 internal and public beta users of 『Footprint』, because of your support and company, I persevered。

# Terms of use

# Privacy Policy

# contact me!

If you have any questions or suggestions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact me at


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