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Freedom life Simulator:自由人生模拟 Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Freedom life Simulator:自由人生模拟

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This is a life simulation game with a high degree of freedom and perfection.
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Freedom life Simulator:自由人生模拟
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First note: This is a life simulation game with a high degree of freedom and perfection
Your identity, your genes, your talents are all random; your parents, your siblings are all unknown!
You could be born with the gift of soccer and then with hard work you could become the next soccer star!
You could be born with a disease gene and die young!
You could be born into a poor family, but you have a heart that won't give up, and with your hard work you could become a rich man!
You may also be born in a poor family, but then miraculously found that you are the lost children of the rich family years ago, and thus a step to the top!
And so on and so forth .... Only you can not think of, no developer can not do
Then the game, the player can engage in a variety of real work, of course, the premise is that you have to have the corresponding conditions ~
The game is also a must-have element of "graduate school and university entrance exams"
Here you can make up for the university you did not get into in reality!
"Marriage and children"
Here you can have as many children as you want, as long as you have money! You can train as much as you like!
And all kinds of random events to surprise you!


Liang Xu






116.24 MB




English, Chinese, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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