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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Frutorious

One day while Mr. and Mrs. Fruts were having a picnic, an evil skull turned all their friends into FRUITS!
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One day while Mr. and Mrs. Fruts were having a picnic, an evil skull called Pedro appeared and turned all their friends into FRUITS! Control Mr. Fruts while he and his best friend 'Frutorious F.I.G.' embark on a rather silly platform puzzling adventure to rescue his friends.

Nominated for two TIGA awards: Best Casual Game and Audio Design
'Cool Game' - James Mielke, Pixel Junk Games
'bloody brilliant' - Rob Fearon, OwVideogames
'cute and colorful' - Appolicious.com
'plays quite a bit like the unholy spawn of Angry Birds with your favourite 80s platformer of choice' - Indiegames.com


Infinite State Games Ltd






57.3 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


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