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Fun Questions - FunQ Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Fun Questions - FunQ

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The ultimate app for sparking conversations, playing games, and having endless fun!
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Fun Questions - FunQ
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Welcome to the Fun Question App FunQ, the ultimate app for sparking conversations, playing games, and having endless fun! Break the ice, deepen friendships, and create memorable moments with our unique features, game modes, and customizable options.

Conversation Starter: Kick off engaging conversations with our collection of thought-provoking and open-ended questions. From sharing personal experiences to discussing aspirations and dreams, FunQ's conversation starters are designed to bring people closer and foster meaningful connections.

Truth or Dare: Embark on the classic game of Truth or Dare! Whether you're up for revealing secrets or taking on fun challenges, FunQ's Truth or Dare mode will keep the excitement levels high and create unforgettable memories with your group.

Challenge Mode: Put your knowledge to the test with FunQ's challenging mode. Can you name three things in just a few seconds? From naming three types of berries to three famous landmarks, the clock is ticking as you race against time to showcase your expertise.

Tabletop Mode - Perfect for Date Nights: Make your date night extra special with FunQ's Tabletop Mode. Place your phone on the table, and the app will automatically flip 180 degrees, enabling a seamless back-and-forth question exchange between you and your partner. It's the perfect way to enhance your connection and enjoy a romantic evening.

Multiplayer Fun for All: FunQ supports up to 8 players, making it ideal for both small gatherings and larger get-togethers. Create lasting memories and foster social connections as you engage in laughter-filled conversations and friendly competition.

Seamless Score Keeping: Keep track of your progress effortlessly with FunQ's seamless score keeping feature. Simply select a rating after each question to continue to the next one. While scorekeeping is optional, it adds a competitive element for those who enjoy friendly rivalry and want to see who comes out on top.

Multiple Decks for Endless Variation: Customize your experience with FunQ's diverse decks. Choose from the Family, Friends, Date Night, and Naughty decks, each offering unique question sets tailored to specific settings and preferences. Combine decks with the three modes to unlock a multitude of variations. Mix and match for a playful twist, or keep it family-friendly with the Family and Friends decks combined.


Thousands of engaging questions across multiple categories
Unique Conversation Starter mode for open-ended discussions
Classic Truth or Dare game for exciting dares and revelations
Challenging mode to test your knowledge and quick thinking
Tabletop Mode for intimate date nights
Supports up to 8 players for group fun
Seamless score keeping for added competition
Multiple decks for endless variation
Download FunQ now and ignite conversations, laughter, and unforgettable moments! Whether it's a cozy date night, a fun gathering, or a lively game night, FunQ's personalized experience brings people closer, fosters connections, and creates a joy-filled atmosphere.


Jeff Ekblad






55.56 MB






iPhone, iPad

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