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FunctionCalc Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - FunctionCalc

A very simple calculator that provides some additional functionality.

This giveaway offer has expired. FunctionCalc is now available on the regular basis.

FunctionCalc is a very simple calculator that provides some additional functionality, making it extremely powerful and yet very easy to use.

• The additional functions include:
• The latest currency exchange rates for 171 countries
• Direct conversions of units of measurement for categories such as currencies, weights, volumes, temperature etc.
• Pre-programmed complex mathematical formulas with text prompts for easier data input
• Eight pre-set customizable buttons which may be set to allow for one-tap access to the formulas and conversions that are used the most

FunctionCalc has been found to be especially beneficial for those traveling to foreign countries that use different monetary and measurement systems. Keeping the host country's currency and measurement conversions in the preset buttons allows for quick conversion to the user's own familiar units, even if the phone does not have Internet connectivity at that time.

Overview of Functions

Time Format
In addition to being a "regular" calculator, FunctionCalc also performs mathematic operations on time-formatted numbers such as "3:45". For example, calculations may be made on time exclusively, where the result will be displayed as time (3:45 + 1:29 = 5:14).

Likewise, a time formatted number may also be used with a decimal number. The result will then be displayed in a decimal format. For instance, calculating pay for a certain number of hours worked at given rate per hour (48:15 x 15 = 723.75).

Additionally, converting a resultant number from time to decimal, and back again is accomplished by tapping the ":" button. (It must be a result number displayed after the "=" was pressed. If the number is not swapping between formats, tap the "=" button prior to the ":" button.)

Pre-Loaded Formulas
There are several pre-programmed formulas available that will provide a calculated result based on the entries returned for the requested data. For example, the Monthly Payment formula will display: "Enter the amount to be borrowed>", "Enter the length of Loan (Months)>", "Enter interest rate (APR)>". The resultant answer will then be displayed as "Payment = X.XX". The result may then be used, by pressing "USE" for additional calculations.

Note: The Aviation functions are based on "Rule-Of-Thumb" estimates and should never be used as a primary flight planning tool, but rather For Reference Only.

Pre-Loaded Conversions
In addition to the formula functions, there are many functions preloaded to allow direct conversions from categories such as currencies, length/distance, temperature, volume etc.

Real-Time Exchange Rates
The currency conversions are especially versatile as the 171 preloaded countries' exchange rates are updated every hour, so the app always has the most up-to-date exchange rates available while it has Internet connectivity. If the app does not have access to the Internet, it will continue to provide currency conversions with the last downloaded rates. The last date and time the rates were download is displayed in the app's Settings.

The Base Country, which is the country's currency that all of the downloaded rates are referenced, may be changed at anytime to any one of the 171 countries.

One last point on the exchange rates, since they are always available in the app, there is a button that will display all of the countries' exchange rates in one table. Tapping on a specific currency will bring up that its rate history as compared to the base currency.

Preset Buttons
Lastly, to make it easier and quicker to access the built-in functions listed above, FunctionCalc has eight preset buttons that allow storage of often used functions and conversions for a one-tap operation. These presets may be further customized on how the results should be rounded and how many digits after the decimal should be displayed. Functions may be assigned to preset buttons either from the main calculator display or in the app's settings.


Lawler Innovations, Inc






7.98 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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