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funphonemes Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - funphonemes

See the phonemes at any time and anywhere!

This giveaway offer has expired. funphonemes is now available on the regular basis.

I wanted to make an easy-to-use manual for both teachers and students. It was then when the idea of the "funphonemes" application cam e to me. By downloading the application onto their mobile phones, users can see the phonemes at any time and anywhere. The application also includes videos showing animated lips saying the different sounds of the different phonemes. In two sections of the application, users will find transcriptions of certain words as examples to show that sometimes different combinations of letters can give the sound of one phoneme. Under the "Examples " icon, I show the uniquely designed phonemes of the funphonemes chart at the top of pages, with specific words as examples underneath. Each word should be spelt in black, except for the letter or combination of letters that make the phonemes. Those letters are of the same designs of the phonemes at the top of pages. The same goes for the transcriptions. That way, the learner will focus on the phonemes one at a time. More interestingly, the words of the " More Examples" icon are transcribed fully with the phonemes in the "funphonemes " chart.
I believe that referring back to this application over time will allow students to grasp the idea of phonemes quickly and effectively. In return, this will pave the way for teachers to teach them reading correctly and in no time.


Suzanne Simbawa






94.04 MB






iPhone, iPad

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