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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - FUTFinder

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Search the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) Database on your mobile.
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FIFA 20 is here! Why not get off the to best start possible, with this amazing simple yet unique FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Database?

Why download and use this FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Database?
Here's a few reasons why:

- Search the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) Database on your mobile
- Check out a player's in-game stats
- Check out a player's traits/characteristics
- Check out a player's potential, height, weight etc.
- We use a real-time database. What does this mean? Essentially, when new players are added e.g. Team of The Week (TOTW), Team of The Year (TOTY), Team of the Season (TOTS), Man Of The Match (MOTM), Futties etc. You can view their stats as well as view similar players. You may wish to hold back on buying a player you so badly want, before downloading this app. Oops, did we just spill the beans? I think we did!

Well, on that note, we're happy to announce we've implemented and now, released, our most anticipated feature! What's that you may ask? Behold, we bring to you a feature where you can search for similar players!

But you've may have seen this feature elsewhere, correct? The thing that makes our FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Database application different to others is the fact we have created a unique, extensive and rigorous algorithm (just another fancy word for code) that allows us to present to you players of the highest calibre, for a fraction of the coins of the player you may want!

We understand not everyone has the coins, but everyone wants the best players on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20). Using our new similar players feature, we've got you covered! Whether you can't afford that one player or you may you wish to try out hidden gems/different players, possibly save coins for an event or just try out players who are very similar in terms of stats to the player you're viewing, for a cheaper price! We have you covered, always!

We will continue the make improvements on the feature as time goes on to make it much better and reliable.

Whether you're playing FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Divisions, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Champions, FIFA 19 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Squad Battles or just playing FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Single Player, this application can and will enhance your experience of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20).

So what you waiting for? Download this app today, search for player(s) you wish you had right now in your team/squad, and build a squad. Then go online and dominate your opponents! Show everyone that you don't need the best squad, you just need the right players to win!

So what you waiting for? Change the way you play, download today!

This mobile application is not endorsed nor affiliated with EASports/Electronic Arts Inc. All trademarks, copyrights and data belong to their respective owners.


Nadim Choudhury






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iPhone, iPad

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