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Glow Doodle Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Glow Doodle

Glow Doodle is thankfully the choice of many teachers worldwide who embrace educational technology to their classroom.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Glow Doodle is now available on the regular basis.

A Top 5 Best Selling App^ - The original Glow Doodle.

Glow Doodle is thankfully the choice of many teachers worldwide who embrace educational technology to their classroom for art, math, language lessons and fine motor skill activities^^.

Glow Doodle has all it takes to make a doodling app a Top 5 App among hundred thousands of Apps:

- Originality:
Glow Doodle was the first to bring razor sharp neon effect from the hands of professional designers to the fingertips of everyone of every age. It lit up iPhone users' Christmas & winter nights with a magical mood like never before when Glow Doodle was introduced in winter 2009

- Quality-over-quantity & painstaking effort behind the simple to use App:
While we could have allowed users to pick millions of random colors & line thickness, instead, we spent tedious effort to fine tune a few in order to maintain a harmonious & less confusing user experience for all ages.

- Support from quality users:
It was the overwhelming support from our users propelled Glow Doodle to TOP 5 Best Selling Paid App in the US and UK App Stores. We are grateful to our quality users including teachers, elementary teachers around the world who brought Glow Doodle to their classrooms with a creative mind & respect for originality, an invaluable message to our creative children.

- Special Needs Friendly:
Parents & professionals including pediatric OTs taking care of kids with special needs such as autism have also found Glow Doodle useful. In addition to the simple user interface, Glow Doodle takes the approach of "magic" button which provides cause & effect experience to enhance visual sensory & fine motor skills developments.

The moment when you press the "GLOW" button, you will be amazed how a seemingly ordinary drawing turns into truly stunning Glow Doodle effect. It's a unique original experience that sets Glow Doodle apart from others who follow suit.

Now updated with Nordic Ice Blue color (available via IAP) and option to draw with Apple Pencil only so that you can unleash your glowing creativity to the next level.

* Razor sharp Light Glow Effect
* Harmonious Doodle Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, White, Magenta
* Auto-hiding toolbar (auto-hide while drawing)
* Erase the previous stroke (by pressing the counter-clockwise arrow button)
* Motivational Glowy Rocket may suddenly turn up
* Save drawing to Photo Albums to share

* Option to hide In-App Purchase button via Settings app

* Option to allow drawing with Apple Pencil only via Settings app

NORDIC ICE BLUE EDITION (Available via In-App Purchase):
* Unlocks Nordic Ice Blue color
* Unlocks Rocket Sure Launch - Instead of appearing once in a while, motivational Glowy Rocket launches every time you light up your drawing
* Hides IAP button

You can make part of your drawing "glow" (e.g. the flame of a rocket) while other part of the drawing doesn't "glow" (e.g. the rocket body). For example, (1) draw the flame of the rocket first; (2) then press the "GLOW" button to make it glow; (3) continue to draw the rocket body without pressing the "GLOW" button.

^US & UK App Store; Jan 2010; Overall Paid Chart & Entertainment Paid Chart

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