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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Gooba Notes

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Gooba is a new, simple and powerful project to take notes.

Bu programın süresi doldu. Gooba Notes artık firmadan temin edilebilir.

Introducing Gooba, a new planet to take notes with a device.

Gooba is a new, simple and powerful project to take notes. It was designed and studied for months to ensure a simple service for all. From now on, just take a few seconds to get a note, thanks to the simple interface and quick actions available in the app.

Gooba, for now, is available for all Apple ecosystem:
- iOS app: now available for iPhone & iPad
- watchOS app: now available for watchOS 2.0 or later
- macOS app: it will come in summer 2019.

It's a service that will improve more and more. Our goal is to make Gooba complete with every feature, without any subscription plan. We are already working on some fantastic features!

That's why you should choose Gooba:


- QUICK ACTIONS: With Gooba everything is faster. Add, modify and delete your notes is easy and fast, thanks to the quick actions available in the app.

- UNIVERSAL: With Gooba write once and read on all your devices. With Cloud technology, your notes will be stored on our servers. Just log in with your Gooba account on another iOS or watchOS device to find all your notes.

In 2019 Gooba will have a web version and we are working on apps for other platforms.

- MAC: A Mac version will be available in summer 2019.

Are you ready to write? Download Gooba for iOS now!

Discover more about our project on http://goobapp.com.

We ask you to have patience: Gooba is a project that is still lacking in functionality and stability. It's a free project, development is slower than other services.


Filippo Zanfini






61.09 MB




English, Italian


iPhone, iPad

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