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GoSpa Beautician App Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - GoSpa Beautician App

GoSpa provides the first “on-demand” service model for salon services.

This giveaway offer has been expired. GoSpa Beautician App is now available on the regular basis.

GoSpa provides the first “on-demand” service model for salon services. You can even book NOW!

Post availability or make appointments for:
- manicures
- pedicures
- massages
- hair cuts or styles
- wax
- hair removal services
-other services

Our favorite benefits of the App are:

- find available salon appointments now
- free for both the spa service providers and clients
- makes communication easy even for non-native speakers
- more convenient to use than any other spa service app
- spa service providers can fill empty seats
- clients can find a service more frequently for when they have free time

Have you ever tried to fit manicure or hair appointments in between work and kid activities? The options are to make an appointment, before you know where you are going to be at that time or go to a salon during a break and hope for the best. There are many lost opportunities for this exchange of money for services. Appointments are missed or cancelled due to changes. Other appointments are not even attempted. For the walk-in model, you often have to walk right back out of the salon having missed your mani/pedi opportunity for the week. And the beautician has missed out on dollars earned. The solution is GoSpa. GoSpa Service Providers can post their free times and busy potential clients can see available appointments nearby. It's that simple. 

As a service provider, do you have gaps in your schedule that you would like to fill with a paying client? Would you add time to the beginning or end of your day, if you could get more appointments at these edge times? Options (such as allocating walk-in clients to you) are sometimes provided by the Salon Owner or greeter, which may have an arrangement to charge the user more or to take a referral fee. With GoSpa, you do not have a monthly service fee, nor is there a time/cost element for the Salon Owner or Greeter. So, you can run your own business purely by downloading the app and publishing your available times. You can even use the “Available Now” toggle button and you will be immediately discoverable by interested clients. Interested clients could be standing outside your Salon (or anywhere). The client selects an available time (such as “now”), selects a desired service (such as Manicure) and the phone’s text application opens with a pre-populated message.

A sample message could be: “Hi Jessica at Petrov Salon. From the GoSpa App, I see that you have a Manicure appointment available now. Can I book that?” Even if your first language is not English, the App provides a clear message that you can respond to with Yes or No. Try it. There is no risk. And early adopters could end up with the benefits of more clients.


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iPhone, iPad

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