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Grid Music Player Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Grid Music Player

Grid Music Player is an instrument playing app for mobile devices.
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Grid Music Player
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Grid Music Player is an instrument playing app for mobile devices. This app allows users to pick an instrument from a list, and play the instrument on 64 pads grid layout. The app also allows users to select Scale, Key Notes, Sharps (#) and an option to display the Note pressed on the device screen.

* Play Piano as the default instrument
* Play from a list of 36+ instruments (internet required)
* Select Scale to play
* Select between Major / Minor Key Patterns
* Toggle Sharp for the Scale
* Toggle display for Note being played

New Features (added 2024)
* Connect the player to your DAW (tested with Ableton)
* Play Midi Notes on your DAW
* Turn on/off Player volume for DAW playback
* Separate Grid (4x4 ) for Drum Playback.
* Changeable 2x and 4x Drum Playback.
* How to use: Click on the Devices icon on the App bar and connect your DAW. Then start playing while you're connected to your DAW.
* Ableton Setup Tutorial: https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209071169-Setting-up-a-virtual-MIDI-network
* By default, the ads will not be clickable. You'll have to click on the "INFO" icon on the top right to enable ads. Long Press the Icon to enable the Advertisements.
* The Key note pads can be enabled/disabled by the Key Icon on the info panel that displays the Key of the note being played.


Mohit Khanna






56.12 MB






iPhone, iPad

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