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Guestbook Go Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Guestbook Go

Guestbook Go is your video message recording assistant!
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Guestbook Go
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Guestbook Go is your video message recording assistant!

The app is designed for iPad to be used in social settings, specifically weddings and celebrations. It can also be useful for feedback for businesses. Guestbook Go makes it easy for guests or costumers to record short messages on their own. The fully customizable setup manages itself so no supervision is needed.

The benefits of using Guestbook Go:
- Prompts passersby to get attention
- Fully customize appearance and controls
- Times out automatically so it's ready for the next recording
- Can be locked so no unauthorized person can exit the app
- Thank you message displayed after recording
- Supports any language
- Support external microphone
- For iPad and iPhone

- Ad free
- Login free
- Only on the App store


Jacob Levallius


Photo & Video




34.76 MB




English, French, German


iPhone, iPad

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