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Habits - Daily checklist Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Habits - Daily checklist

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The "habits" is a tree planting game that helps you change your lifestyle.
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Habits - Daily checklist
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* Gamify your life
The "habits" is a tree planting game that helps you change your lifestyle. He “games” your life by turning all your tasks (habits, daily tasks and to-dos) into saplings that you need to care for. The better you do, the smoother your seedlings will grow. If you don't follow the plan to take care of the saplings in your life, your saplings will stop growing in the game.
Our completely freely customizable task list means you can build custom trees based on your personal goals, emphasizing self-care or pursuing different dreams - it all depends on you

* Get growth value
Complete the task to upgrade your saplings. After each stage of the punching task, take the sapling growth value. When the growth value reaches a certain value, the sapling will advance to the next level, to show off your habitual tree!

* Encourage yourself to accomplish your goals.
When you have done everything, relax and relax! Become a part of the habit tree, one task at a time to improve your life.

* Track your habits and goals
Track and manage your tasks, daily goals and pending items list and stay responsible with the custom tree mobile app.

* Use habits to improve your life
Never thought about doing regular dieting in the past? Don't want to go to the gym? Learning plans can't always be executed, work progress is slow, and getting used to the most difficult tasks everywhere can make it easier to track progress and become more fun.

* Upgrade anytime, anywhere
Our mobile app makes it easy to track your tasks. No matter where you are, tap the screen to easily reach your goals.

Have fun together and achieve your goals!


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English, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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