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Half Hour Hank Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Half Hour Hank

Clear your mind of all the random projects cluttering your head.
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Clear your mind of all the random projects cluttering your head. Stop pushing those misfit projects off and let the Half Hour Hank "Randomizer" decide which project you do next. Get points and level-up when you actually get stuff done.

1. Add projects in the "Brain Dump" and assign time values to categorize.

2. Head over to the "Randomizer" and have it choose projects for you based on how much time you can squeeze out of the day.

3. Keep track of your projects on the "Project List" and set priorities.

4. Schedule projects through your "Project List" or the "Randomizer" and add them to your Calendar.

5. Check your "Score" and watch your points pile up as you fly up the ranks toward your ultimate life goal... Half Hour Hank status!

Half Hour Hank is an easy-to-use app that helps you take control of your life. Get those misfit projects done!


Adam Engelstad






13.17 MB






iPhone, iPad

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