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Hatch - Focus Timer for Study Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Hatch - Focus Timer for Study

Reminds users to take screen breaks and focus on other being more productive.
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Hatch is a mindfulness platform designed to encourage students and their families to take screen breaks and focus on other being more productive. Users set their timers in five-minute increments, which starts the process of hatching an egg with a mystery creature inside. Once it's started, you can't close the app or run another app. If you do, their egg will crack and you'll lose the creature inside. At the end of the timer, the egg hatches and the mystery creature is revealed. There are many elite, legendary, and limited edition species to keep users engaged and hatching throughout the day.


- HOMEWORK Help your kid stay on-task and focused when doing their homework, providing incentive to stay away from distracting social media apps.
- READING It’s hard for all of us to stay focused on reading with a phone nearby; use Hatch to break the habitual phone checking cycle.
- TECH MODERATION There are plenty of tools to limit tech usage. Add a daily Hatch session to your arsenal for a positive reinforcement approach.

- Stay on-task while studying or doing assignments.
- Keep a record of your ‘phone breaks’ and what you accomplished, to reinforce healthy tech habits.
- Listen to dope Lo-Fi Hip Hop (courtesy @CollegeMusic) beats while you study (available ONLY while running a Hatch session, for extra motivation).

- Not ready for the commitment of a full-on guided meditation session yet? Get started by putting your phone down for an hour, and use hatch to make sure you stay on-track.
- Make note of how each session made you feel, and review your past sessions using the Timeline feature anytime you need a little extra motivation.


1. Set a timer for as long as you like (start small).
2. Enter a goal for the session (it helps, trust us).
3. Don’t leave Hatch (your DMs can wait).
4. If you succeed, you’ll get a weird creature!


Focus Time LLC


Health & Fitness




290.31 MB






iPhone, iPad

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