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HazMat Reference and Emergency Response Guide Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - HazMat Reference and Emergency Response Guide

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A quick reference and educational tool on Hazardous Materials.

This giveaway offer has expired. HazMat Reference and Emergency Response Guide is now available on the regular basis.

This app serves as a quick reference and educational tool for employees that are involved with the regular handling and storage or incident response of Hazardous Materials.

Updated to the latest ERG2012 from the D.O.T :
- new large spill Isolation Distances (Table 3) for 6 common gases
- updated references
- new reference for IED standoff distances
- new reference for BLEVE Safety Precautions
- additional materials added by DOT to harmonize with UN
- guide updates

Materials from the Hazardous Material Table (HMT) and Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) are listed in easy to review form with advanced search, sort and filter capabilities. Pertinent information from the HMT, ERG, NIOSH and other sources are listed with the proper placard and hazard class for each material.

The Hazardous Materials Table (HMT) 49 CFR §172.101 is a list of hazardous materials by proper shipping name that governs the transportation, marking and labeling by all modes: air, water, rail and highway. Understanding and knowing how to use information in the HMT is the first step toward compliance.

The Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) is primarily a guide to aid first responders in quickly identifying the specific or generic hazards of the material(s) involved in the incident, and protecting themselves and the general public during the initial response phase of the incident.

No internet connection required.

Find materials by name or UN Identifier.

Includes information from all tables and reference pages in the ERG.

Additional Features:

* Filter/Sort Materials with DOT Reported Incidents in the last 12 months
* History of materials - most recent or most viewed
* NFPA FIre Diamond : quick visual ref for Health, Fire, Reactivity and other hazards
* Physical descriptions for most chemcials
* CAS#, RTECS# with NIOSH IDLH and exposure information
* Quick sort by UN ID#, guide #, name or number of incidents


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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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