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Hearing Helper - Live Captions Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Hearing Helper - Live Captions

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Simply push and hold the mic to translate speech-to-text with Apple's Siri technology.

This giveaway offer has expired. Hearing Helper - Live Captions is now available on the regular basis.

Hearing Helper is specifically designed for anyone trying to talk with HoH (Hard of Hearing), Deaf, or ESL (English as a Second Language) friends and family.

Simply push and hold the mic to translate speech-to-text with Apple's Siri technology.

Tap to quick-edit incorrect words. And make anything you say BIG!

Hearing Helper sits in the background of your conversations, so you can focus on what's being said.

Users love it:
“Just so you know, this app has changed my 86 year old mother's life. It is simple and easy for her and her friends to use. This is so important for the elderly since so many other apps are way too complicated. She can really have one on one conversations, especially with me, which is so very important.”
- Mark M

Doctors trust it:
"I use this w my HOH senior patients when the hearing aides aren't even enough to compensate for the hearing loss. This works great. I have recommended it to my nursing/CNA staff to use as well.”
- Istariken

Hearing Helper is also really helpful for communicating with family and friends who aren't as comfortable speaking English but can read it well.

- Push and hold the mic for speech to text in real time
- Tap on the text to quick edit incorrect words
- Change the font size up to 100pts (That's big!)
- Simple, easy-to-follow instructions

I designed this app to help my family talk with my 100-year-old grandfather who's hard of hearing, and now even his roommate uses it to communicate with him!

If you find this app, I hope it helps you better communicate with your loved ones.


Mighty Fine Apps LLC






17.36 MB






iPhone, iPad

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