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Hybrid Spores Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Hybrid Spores

Welcome to a non-visual, zero-screen-touch game.

This giveaway offer has expired. Hybrid Spores is now available on the regular basis.

Welcome to a non-visual, zero-screen-touch game. While playing, you can look up, enjoy your surroundings and give your neck and back a rest from hunching over. Also a great game for the visually impaired.

How to play:

- Put in headphones
- Hold your phone flat
- Start walking for a higher score
- Listen and feel phone vibrations for spore clues
- Learn the secret phone gestures for hidden spores

Half of the spores are found by using your phone like a compass, scanning the horizon for clues. The other half require special movements to capture. More hints are inside the game!

Together, your spores will create one hybrid spore that is imprinted with your gameplay: hand motions, speed, accuracy, step count and most importantly, spore totals.

We have a catch and release program! If you release a hybrid spore instead of taking and planting it, your next hybrid spore will have a higher max spore count and likely a stronger resonance. Release up to 4 and plant one that's supercharged to top the scoreboards.

When you create and plant (save) a hybrid spore, it joins the global Resonance Scoreboards, showing whose spores have the most total points and who will grow the best hybrid plants next year ;)

The Bigger Game:
When planting each spore, you will choose a park for it. You can claim your spores with a free WAX.io wallet to own them in the next chapters of Hybrid.Games. In time, all spores will evolve into hybrid plants, absorbing the real local weather you planted them in.

Stay tuned! More levels and meta-game features to come. This is an ongoing project by a curious indie programmer/composer/dog-hiker. Being immersed in nature is deeply satisfying to me and I hope this game brings some of that to you.


Scott Standley






123.45 MB






iPhone, iPad

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