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iPush-Up Pro: Pushup Counter Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - iPush-Up Pro: Pushup Counter

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Count your push-ups and track exercise progress.
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iPush-Up Pro: Pushup Counter
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The simplest workout. Anywhere. Anytime.

iPush-Up Pro is a simplistic push-up counter and tracker. iPush-Up Pro allows you to workout at home, at the gym, or anywhere! Start your workout by placing your device on the ground under your chest. As you do push-ups, the proximity sensor in your device will automatically count and record your push-up reps. iPush-Up Pro allows you to visualize workout history and patterns with graphs and calendars.

The push-up is the perfect workout. It’s simple, functional, and can be modified for any fitness level. iPush-Up Pro is perfect for anyone trying to increase strength or endurance. iPush-Up Pro can easily be added to any workout routine.

The push-up targets:
- Pectorals, Chest muscles
- Deltoids, Shoulders
- Biceps, front of upper arms
- Triceps, back of upper arms
- Abdominals
- Serratus anterior, side of the chest beneath the upper arm

Why do push-ups?
- Burn calories
- Improve cardiovascular health
- Strengthen shoulder joint
- Simple at-home workout that doesn’t require any extra equipment

App Features
- Proximity sensor to automatically count push-ups
- Lifetime record of push-ups, push-up sets, and workouts.
- Charts that break down workouts.
- Calendar to visualize workout patterns.
- Calorie calculation.
- Siri Shortcut to quickly start your workout.
- Workout from home.
- Listen to your music.
- Customizable app theme.
- Add your favorite photo for motivation.
- Fun sound effects.
- Haptic feedback.
- Workout reminders.
- Compete with friends and family on Game Center leaderboards.


Marz Software


Health & Fitness




39.31 MB




English, Spanish


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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