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ISS Real-Time Tracker Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - ISS Real-Time Tracker

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Track the International Space Station in real-time on an interactive map of Earth.

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See what 5 miles/sec (8 km/s) looks like in real time!

Track the International Space Station in real-time on an interactive map of Earth. Get viewing pass predictions, plus current crew data and bios. Watch spectacular high-definition video of Earth streamed live from the Space Station. View and save Landsat 8 images of the ground below the Station's current position. ISS Real-Time Tracker is the only app that gives you all this!


• Tracks current position of the ISS in real time on an interactive map of Earth.
• Info overlay shows current ISS position in degrees, minutes, & seconds along with its altitude and velocity.
• Zoom control (map scaling) allows you to zoom in/out in each of 4 ranges from fine to large.
• Tracking update interval (from 1-6 secs) is automatically set for you, based on map scale.
• Choose from standard, satellite, or hybrid map views.
• Get NASA Landsat 8 imagery of current map location (where available) and save images to your photo library.
• Live HD video streaming from the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment on the ISS.
• Predicts approximate dates and times when the ISS may be visible from your current location and the duration of each pass.
• Select how many overhead pass predictions to compute, either 5/10/15/25/50.
• Tap any overhead pass to create an event in your calendar.
• Lists current ISS crew members with their key data and bios.
• Choose from 3 position marker styles.
• Pause/restart location tracking.
• Info overlay boxes can be turned on/off in settings.
• Copy button, next to info box, allows you to copy Space Station's current coordinates, altitude, velocity, and time stamp to your pasteboard and paste them in another app.
• All user settings and zoom slider position are automatically saved when app closes and are restored when it opens.
• Full support for iOS multitasking.
• Supports picture-in-picture on iPads.


Michael Stebel






33.35 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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