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iStratus® DayPlanner Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - iStratus® DayPlanner

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Bring your Dropbox file system to life on your iOS device!
$6.99 EXPIRÉ

This giveaway offer has been expired. iStratus® DayPlanner is now available on the regular basis.

Bring your Dropbox file system to life on your iOS device!
• Access, organize, create, and personalize folders and files
• Encrypt/secure your important files
• Use a first-class Password Vault, stored and encrypted in your Dropbox
• Plan out your day by connecting your Calendar & Tasks with your Dropbox

Take your Dropbox to the next level of usability in your daily life – get started right away and grow from there!

You already know the basics of how to use your Dropbox, so you can gradually and naturally use more features in iStratus, such as:

• Notes
• Tasks
• Checklists
• Photos/Videos
• Audio Recordings (for convenient dictation)
• Contacts (organize them in your own folder structure)
• PDFs (snap multiple photos into a single file)
Files are immediately stored in your Dropbox, accessible from anywhere. Notes, Tasks, Checklists, and other files can also be edited from your desktop/laptop.

• Personalize the appearance of folders/files with various themes, images, colors, and fonts
• Order your folders/files in a way that makes sense to you
• Apply comments, tags, colored-flags, and more to any folder/file

• Encrypt individual files
• Military-grade encryption
• Use your own password(s)
• Workflow that is intuitive and also very informative

• Store all of your passwords in a single ultra-secure location
• Find passwords via subject, user, password fragment, or notes
• Save passwords into your custom categories

• Create and track day-to-day tasks, activities, and appointments
• Store info relevant to your day, such as a receipt
• Unfinished tasks are moved to the next day
• Easily create recurring events with varying dates and times
• Sensitive information can be protected with military-grade encryption
• Your Apple devices are automatically synchronized

• Personalize with your own themes, icons, colors, and tags
• Intuitive design and layout
• Easily create recurring events with varying dates and times
• Move multiple events at-a-time
• Attach relevant documents
• Integrated with Apple's calendar and Siri
• Synchronized across your Apple devices and other services (iCloud, Google, Exchange)

• Enhanced search capabilities:
- Search even when offline
- In addition to folder/file names, the following are also searchable: comments, tags, completion status, flag status, recently modified
• Assign folders/files to others
• Show recent changes, such as modified/new files, customization, and status
• PDF Creator
• Built-in "Production Scanning" app
• Plus a lot more amazing benefits. Download the app now or to learn more, please visit our website at

* If you ever stop using iStratus® DayPlanner for any reason, your Dropbox remains safe and sound.


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iPhone, iPad

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