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iTrack Patient Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - iTrack Patient

It works like a list management app in that you will be able to enter tasks and follow them as they are done.
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iTrack Patient
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Patient sign out apps never became popular. Why would you use an app when you can just pull the piece of paper out of your pocket and scribble stuff during rounds..especially when it works and your patients do well!

However, paper lists have their downsides - one, of course, you can lose them. Second when you do, you run the risk of being hit by hefty fines (or worse) because of HIPAA violations. Not to mention, you cannot carry all patient information in your pocket!

This is the reason we designed the iTrack app. It works like a list management app in that you will be able to enter tasks and follow them as they are done. However, the most attractive aspect of this piece of technology is its ability to be used with paper lists. You just scan your paper list by taking a photo of it. You will then be able to annotate the list (using your finger or the Apple Pencil if you are using an iPad), using our crop and zoom functions which help focus on specific parts of the image. The latter are not possible using image apps that come along with your iPhones..not that you should be storing patient images on your iPhones.

All data is stored on the cloud. You will not lose this data even if you lose your device! We see residents carrying a fat set of patient lists from days before..you can just store them on the cloud now..and print out if need be.

The task management function has its perks as well. You will be able to set alarms for important tasks and the device will send you a push notification at the appropriate time, telling you which task is pending for which patient. What more, if your team members are logged in with the same account, these notifications will sync across their devices as well.

Store what patient information you need on the App. The rest, feel free to carry in your pocket! The app does not force you to enter patient data. Don't feel like jotting down today's labs - just take a picture and store it in the Info section. And then annotate on the picture if a repeat lab becomes available.

If you want to use it as a full fledged list management app for your service, you can do that as well. You can use it for individual providers as well as teams, without bothering too much about the technicalities.

The app uses Firebase to store patient data and these servers use end to end encryption. As such, using this app will be fully HIPAA compliant.

Subscriptions are monthly or yearly based. All features of app will be unlocked upon purchase. First week is free with no fee if cancelled. You can turn off auto-renewal from your Settings app 1 day before renewal.

Privacy Policy: bestsurgicaleducation.com/privacy
Terms of use: https://app.termly.io/document/termsof-use-for-website/c5d5752d-38ab-43ff-b84f-1f1d9e5a2b7e


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