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JetPack Space Arcade Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - JetPack Space Arcade

JetPack Space Arcade is an homage to the arcade games of old.

This giveaway offer has expired. JetPack Space Arcade is now available on the regular basis.

JetPack Space Arcade is an homage to the arcade games of old. Inspired by the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 shoot-em-ups of old, JetPack is a reboot to show what those games could have looked like if iPhones had been around!

This is the chance to shoot aliens and not feel guilty about it. Collect 3 ship parts to complete your spaceship, then collect the all important fuel pods. Once you have 4 of them, your ship will start to fire up and then it's time to get in and head to the next alien wave.

There are 2 alien waves per spaceship, then it's time build a new ship and discover what is out there trying to make your life difficult.

There are 6 different ships to assemble, reflecting current models as well as some historical ones and a veteran Jules Verne ship just because life is fun and 'A Rocket to the Moon' inspired generations of writers and entrepreneurs alike.

A quick bit of maths and brain crunching works out that there are a total of 12 alien waves to decimate before it's time to head back to the beginning and start over. It won't be that easy tho' - the aliens increase in number and ferocity as the game progresses.

The gauntlet is laid down... what's your high score?


PowerSlave Developments






83.16 MB






iPhone, iPad

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