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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Jorel's Brother

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An interactive story full of comedy, mystery, and twists and turns!
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Jorel's Brother
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“Jorel’s Brother and The Most Important Game of the Galaxy” is a point-and-click adventure about an eight-year-old boy who lives with his eccentric family in the shadow of Jorel, his handsome and popular brother. Based on the award-winning Brazilian animation “Jorel’s Brother”, in this game, you will be able to step into the yellow boots of none other than Jorel’s Brother in an interactive story full of comedy, mystery, and twists and turns! It’s like playing a brand-new full-sized episode of a cartoon!

When a mysterious video game falls from the sky, the youngest of the family will do anything to play it, even if it takes him to the utmost ends of the galaxy!

Play as Jorel’s Brother as he faces alien spaceships, authoritarian clowns, bureaucracy, driving tests, and avocado smoothies in this ‘brutal’ point-and-click adventure game with three episodes full of humor and action!

Experience fun moments as if you were playing a cartoon!

Key features:
• Talk with more than 30 characters with several different interactions!
• Visit beloved places (and new ones!) of the most watched animated series in Latin America: “Jorel’s Brother”!
• Feel like playing an episode of the cartoon, with the arts and scripts from the same creators of the animated series.
• Play ‘brutal’ minigames on the beach, in outer space and…in the shower?!
• Pick up items! Solve puzzles! Explore different locations!
• Collect stickers scattered all over the game and complete an album full of images of characters and places from the series.
• Beat the bureaucracy of an extraterrestrial DMV! Defeat aliens, DJ’s, clowns, and robots!

• Chapters 2 and 3 are sold separately as in-app purchases.


Double Dash Studios






1.37 GB




English, Portuguese, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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