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JustMergeIt: Combine Videos Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - JustMergeIt: Combine Videos

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JustMergeIt is the best way to make a great looking montage!
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JustMergeIt: Combine Videos
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JustMergeIt is the best way to make a great looking montage! Merge videos and audio into a compilation, and save and share!

* Load videos from your camera roll, or record right in the app!
* Trim each added clip to get that perfect beginning/ending transition!
* Add a soundtrack by importing music from your iTunes Library!
* Save and share your videos, including saving to the Files app!
* Unlike other apps, we're here for you! Whether it's to report a bug, or just give us a feature idea you'd like to see in an upcoming release, you contact support in app, or just send us an email at support@justmergeit.atlassian.net.


Ronald Dickson


Photo & Video




15.67 MB






iPhone, iPad

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