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Koala Nap Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Koala Nap

Now you can actively reduce snoring from day one, using Koala Nap.

This giveaway offer has expired. Koala Nap is now available on the regular basis.

Do you or your partner snore?

Now you can actively reduce snoring from day one, using Koala Nap.

Besides showing how much you snored at night, Koala Nap actively reduces snoring. When snoring is detected you will receive a notification every two seconds. The notification can be configured to vibrate or make a sound on your phone or apple watch encouraging you to change your sleep position.

Once snoring isn't detected anymore the vibrations will stop automatically. 

Koala Nap can use notifications for notifying the phone or watch, drastically decreasing battery usage, however this method does not support the shake to stop feature. The method can be set in the apps settings.

Koala Naps advanced snore detection utilises the latest machine learning algorithms, and large data set of snoring sounds. The result is an accurate detection of snoring, ignoring non snoring background sounds, for example baby crying, motor sounds etc'

Koala Naps goal is to actively reduce snoring, and promote healthy sleep.

---For best results---

Use the app a few times as the snore detection is based on machine learning which increases in accuracy the more the app is used. Make sure to allow uploading snore samples in the app settings, which are used for training the snore detection algorithm.

Try to reduce background noise for example TV, radio or other loud devices.

When using notifications for vibrating the watch, test them out manually. In the main screen tap on settings and follow the instructions for receiving the notification on the watch. Make sure you feel the vibration on the watch and have set the desired vibration in "Sounds and Haptics" within the watch app.

Make sure to enable internet when the app launches, in order to update the snore detection algorithm. Keep the app version up to date.

Good and quiet night :)


Ronen Harati


Health & Fitness




27.92 MB




English, Hebrew


iPhone, iPad

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