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Kokino Observatory Guide Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Kokino Observatory Guide

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Kokino Observatory Guide
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The Kokino Megalithic Observatory is one of the oldest cultural heritage sites in the Republic of Macedonia, but also one of the oldest megalithic observatories in the world. It is also a rare example of a mountain used both for astronomical observations and for religious rituals. To learn more about this mysterious Bronze Age site, download this audio guide or visit kokino.mk/index.php/en.

The Kokino Observatory Audio Guide is primarily meant to help visitors to the site learn more about its design and history, but it is also an excellent resource for anyone looking for a quick introduction on the subject of Kokino.

· 10 minutes of high quality audio guidance in English and Macedonian accompanied by beautiful photos of Kokino (written by the archeologist who uncovered the site in 2001);
· Full transcripts of all audio guidance for the hearing impaired or those who simply prefer text over audio;
· A map of Kokino to help visitors find their way around the site;
· A collection of myths and stories relating to Kokino that are exclusive to this app and the official Kokino website;
· Directions for getting to Kokino by car, bus or bike.

This app was commissioned by the Kumanovo National Museum, the institution responsible for protecting and promoting the Kokino Megalithic Observatory. If you have any questions about this app or about Kokino, or if you want to schedule a guided tour of the site, please e-mail the museum at museumkumanovo@gmail.com or by calling +389 31 416 716 (open between 9 AM – 4 PM local time on business days). You can also visit Kokino’s official website, kokino.mk/index.php/en, to learn more about the site or to plan a self-guided tour with the help of this audio guide.


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