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Learn and Play with the Sounds - All the Content Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Learn and Play with the Sounds - All the Content

All Icelandic sounds are taught in a lively and entertaining way.
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Learn and Play with the Sounds - All the Content
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All Icelandic sounds are taught in a lively and entertaining way with a model for each and every sound. The names of the letters and their sounds are taught by the Icelandic fingerstrip as the reading process is prepared. At the same time, the correct pronunciation sounds silent. The method is based on decades of experience with speech therapists, focusing on providing accessible and professional guidance to parents and schools.

The app is intended for all families with children and professionals who want to provide children with sound reproduction and prepare for reading. Ideal for families of foreign origin to practice and learn Icelandic sounds. Studies show a significant difference between students' first grade students in sound system awareness and literary knowledge, as well as better overall vocabulary capabilities when structured with lessons and games with sounds and frog songs 1,2,3 at preschool age and 1st grade (Gudmundsdottir, 2014 , Ævarsdóttir, 2016). The Kids Sound Lab PRO and Frog games based on the Icelandic programs have received numerous foreign recognition from professionals and parents. In 2016, the Kids Sound Lab was selected by BETT as one of six top global programs in education worldwide. In 2017, Voice Lists received a 5-star gift and recognition by the Apprenticeship Educational App Store with highly praised reviews.

The app, Learn and Play with the Sounds, takes into account the order in which Icelandic children adopt their voice in the speech and how the easiest way to teach the sounds. Easier sounds that occur in very young children can be started on an orderly basis and proceed to the sounds that are more difficult to say or choose the sound that needs to be exercised especially in each instance.

The sounds and sounds are widely used in pre-primary and primary schools in Iceland, and are shown in children's programs Stöð 2 and around the world in the Hopster app Vodafone.

The content of the program is based on Bryndís Guðmundsdóttir 's speech engineer' s books and study material.

Audio and video sounds include:
- Speech / song Felix Bergsson and Védís Hervör Árnadóttir
- Icelandic drawings by Búa Kristjánsson and Halla Sólveig Þorgeirsdóttir
- 20 parallel in Icelandic presented with an icon for the sound
- Special voice in Icelandic presented separately
- The sequence of consonants follows the same order as Icelandic children adopt the speech in the speech
- You can select in the main menu which sound is selected at any time unless the difficulty series is used
- A description of the speech positions for each sound can be obtained
- All sounds are practiced in audio play with the audio chain; to match the vowels to ensure that the child reaches the right sound
- The sounds practiced in the words of words except those sounds that come only in the middle and at the back of words
- Ð, NG and "soft" G, are practiced at the back and in the middle of words
- R offers more adaptation and more words in the prominence of words to practice (common to children struggling with the pronunciation of R-sound)
- Three interactive games following word exercises where images alternate for further practice
- Compliments regularly provided in the program
- Record allowed on words and phrases to practice and listen
- Registration of students: name, age, gender and email address
- Graduation inside the program
- Performance shown in%
- Registration notes inside the application
- Information on status and comments can be sent via email
- You can print out a summary report (air print)
- Dropbox storage

We thank the following sponsors for promoting better language development and literacy for Icelandic children:

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the Children's Culture Fund supported the Icelandic version of Learning and games with the sounds, in the app for iPad (2013).

The following companies made possible the adaptation of the applets by phone: Novator, Norðurál, Hagar, KPMG Iceland and HS Orka (2015).

Further information:
www. laerumogleikum.is www. kidssoundlab.com








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