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Lantern:Dating & Entertainment Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Lantern:Dating & Entertainment

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A new experience that fuses endless entertainment with dating!

This giveaway offer has been expired. Lantern:Dating & Entertainment is now available on the regular basis.

A new experience that fuses endless entertainment with dating!

Lantern Dating is the first dating platform connecting you through shared entertainment experiences – movies, tv shows, books, music and more. With Lantern Dating, you get matched with people who share your passions so you can start a conversation, effortlessly.

Create your own narrative by choosing paths that appeal to YOU and meet people on the same path! 
Enjoy adventures where you choose the endings! Go into the haunted house? No thanks. Travel back in time or forward? Forward please.

We have hundreds of episodes waiting for you to enjoy; whether relaxing at home, commuting to work or traveling through a new city.

Walk away feeling entertained, motivated and inspired.

What you’ll LOVE about Lantern:

· Instant access to hundreds of choose-your-own-path video & written adventure episodes. The path changes with each choice so choose wisely!
· Match selections after each episode to ensure you’re meeting people along the way.
· A curated community that loves movies, books, tv shows, and stories as much as you do.
· Content by some of the most sought after writers and performers in Hollywood.
· Science and research backed by the worlds foremost relationship expert: Gary Neuman (Gary & his work were the subject of twelve THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOWS where she called him "the best, I've been doing this a long time and Gary is the best”).
· Create your own narrative by choosing the paths that appeal to YOU.
· A wide selection of genre’s based on your likes. The more you play the better we get at showing you episodes & users you’ll like.
· Ad Free.
· A safe dating experience.

Lantern membership is a FREE app with a month-to-month premium subscription option that grants you access to all our content and users with no commitment period. We want you to leave this experience feeling fulfilled, motivated and entertained.

Lantern - Entertainment Dating
Best of dating. Best of entertainment.

Our goal is to foster an inclusive, welcoming community, where opinions and ideals are not different, but rather part of the spectrum of life. We specially formulate questions to avoid clash topics like politics, religion, and hatred, etc. Additionally we work with a review panel from various ethnic and religious backgrounds to review content on the platform and ensure a safe, comfortable experience.

Abusive users are reported by our community and swiftly removed. Our filters aim to ensure nudity and hate symbols are quickly flagged and taken down.

We authenticate users by only allowing Apple ID logins, to help ensure a safe experience. We continue to develop sophisticated methods to filter out non-genuine accounts. (Also if your date is mean, tell us and we’ll beat them up).

We are a platform of inclusivity. Someone for everyone. Those who subscribe to hate, bigotry, racism or judgement are not welcome.


We will never sell user data nor share your answers with third party providers. Users can answer questions knowing their data is securely stored and encoded on servers that allow us to analyze data internally in a safe setting. We review data for the purpose of providing better matches and relevant topics for users to continue their self exploration journey. We will never sell your personal data to 3rd parties.



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