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Lanyard: Hybrid Work Log Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Lanyard: Hybrid Work Log

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Lanyard Hybrid Work Log is the must-have app for professionals embracing and maximizing hybrid work models.
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Lanyard: Hybrid Work Log
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Lanyard Hybrid Work Log is the must-have app for professionals embracing and maximizing hybrid work models. Whether you're a remote work enthusiast or looking to balance work-from-home (WFH) and in-office days, Lanyard Hybrid Work Log saves time!

With return-to-office (RTO) guidelines, each organization has different policies for hybrid work arrangements. For individuals with a set number of in-office days per month or quarter, keeping track of which days one has visited the office while accounting for weekends, vacation days, and holidays can be challenging. While a spreadsheet might be one's first thought to manage this, the time-consuming nature is demanding.

In the Metrics dashboard, see rapid statistics such as remaining WFH and in-office days and how many office visits you've made within a set period.

Key Features:

Scheduling: Effortlessly plan and manage your work schedule with intuitive hybrid work scheduling features. Define how many required in-office days you need within a specific period (e.g., month or quarter.)

WFH Tracking: Keep an accurate count of your work-from-home days and never lose sight of how many remain. Stay organized and ensure a seamless balance between remote work and in-office commitments.

Vacation and Holiday Management: Easily mark holidays and vacation days; the app will automatically adjust metrics.

Weekend Consideration: The app intelligently accounts for weekends, ensuring you maximize WFH and in-office days.

This app respects user data. It does not connect to cloud-based services or third-party analytics; data is stored locally on your device.

Thank you for downloading Lanyard, your personal Hybrid Work Log!


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