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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Lavo.ro - job reference

This app will be your career buddy in your pocket.
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Lavo.ro - job reference
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> Whether you are in school, thru internship, employed or looking for a job, this app will be your career buddy in your pocket. Plan ahead and start saving information pertaining to your career success.

> Start saving information about the recruiters or hiring managers you have worked with, so that you can easily find them and email/call them and keep them posted with your updates for present or future assignments.

> Interviews are like a Déjà vu..and often paper notes get lost or misplaced, so this app will help you save interview related info such as questions to ask at the interview and interview prep info and more. Furthermore the app will help you create the actual interview event and sync the event with your calendar with your preferred alert that you can set thru the app.

When you have to reschedule your interview simply open the app and make updates to your interview entries which will update the interview and calendar event at the same time.

> This app will also help you get organized and save job related information in one place. It's convenient to have some commonly asked information on your device handy when it's time to fill out a job application such as references, emergency contacts, and address history for background checks (it's easy to forget those dates of when you moved - this app will help you enter your address history) to list a few.

- Save recruiter information.
- Send email to recruiters.
- Save your references.
- Save info about your certifications.
- Save your educations history.
- Add your skills.
- Save your address history.
- Add your emergency contacts.
- Add your work history.
- Add salary history.
- Add your resume content.
- Add interview prep content (such as questions and answers to prepare for the interview, questions to ask at the interview and so on..)
- Add companies.
- Add interviews and sync with calendar and calendar alerts.

> Once you have saved your interviews, it will make it easy to get directions to the interview or call manager/recruiter - simply swipe and tap your options on an interview item. By default all upcoming interviews will show up in the Interviews page or you can filter to see all/past interviews.

You can store your data on your local device only or you can enable CloudKit Sync feature inside the app in Settings>Preferences. Once CloudKit Sync is enabled, you can sync your data across all of your iOS devices.



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