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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Learn Geography @ Homescreen

Refresh your Geography skills and learn over 150 countries on the fly.
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Learn Geography @ Homescreen
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Refresh your Geography skills and learn over 150 countries on the fly.

This map game is here to allow you to have a lot of fun with a geography quiz game while strengthening your knowledge about the subject.
The country quiz comes with a world map that features all the countries in the world, with their capitals, and you'll get to play a delightful quiz game pointing them out correctly along with learning many new things.

If you are looking for a fun trivia map game or geography game that allows you to refresh your memory about the world map and all the countries in it, then this app can be a great tool for you.

Download the Country Quiz Trivia - Map Game on your iPhone/iPad and have unlimited fun with countries and their capitals!

***** HOW THE GAME WORKS? *****

You will see a world map and a location marker on any specific location. You will also be given 4 options to choose from, one of them is obviously the correct option. If you know the location, tap on the correct answer.


In this game, you win whether you are right or wrong! If you can recognize the location, you will win the turn, and if you don't just tap on any answer you think is right, you will get to learn which country is there on the map, and what is its capital! Disappointment is not an option in this game, as you can either win by giving the correct answer, or you can win by learning something new about geography!

It offers a nice quiz widget, which shows the corresponding question directly on your Homescreen – so you'll never forget to practice again. Enjoy the world map quiz anytime, anywhere! Never miss a chance to have fun or learn something new and exciting!

If you are looking for an easy and simple game that allows you to have casual fun on your phone/tab, then this one is for you. The game is really simple without any kind of complexity so that you can enjoy this anytime, in any situation. Also, a beautiful dark mode is included, which rounds off the minimalist design and its pure look.


Get the Country Quiz Trivia - Map Game for free and have unlimited fun with it while learning about all the countries in the world!


Marian Koenig






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iPhone, iPad


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