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Learn Guitar App Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Learn Guitar App

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A must-have for teachers, students and anyone wishing to play guitar.
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Learn Guitar App
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Learn Guitar App is a must-have for teachers, students and anyone wishing to play guitar.  It is a breakthrough step -by -step interactive method designed to keep the user motivated and engaged.

Regardless of where you are on your guitar journey, Learn Guitar App is a  comprehensive reference tool that leads to tangible results for the guitar learner.
For teachers, use Learn Guitar App as a digital textbook. Assign students chord progressions, strumming and finger style patterns. The app also records practice time making this an excellent way to keep guitar students on task.

Learn Guitar App was created with this in mind, the student, regardless of one's journey or for the Guitar Teacher wishing to take teaching to the next level!

The practice page is the heart of the app, it covers every skill and exercise. Every lesson is presented with an instructional video followed by dozens of exercises designed for the user to craft, build and master the specific skill.

What's more, Learn Guitar App is fully bilingual. Language can be switched between English to Spanish at anytime in any section. All texts and videos are displayed and spoken in the language of choice. Learn Guitar App comes with 200+ practice examples. New content is added with every update. 

The practice page includes:
- Video demonstration of the exercise
- Metronome
- Sampled Guitar  play along track with speed control synced to the metronome click and Independent volume control
- Band (Bass and Drums)  play along track with speed control synced to the metronome click and Independent volume control
- Capo feature that transposes the guitar play-along track and matches the position of a capo placed on the guitar
- Graphic notation of the example.
- Save to Favorites feature which saves your Practice page settings. Find all saved Practice page examples under the Favorites in lower bar menu.

Learn Guitar App  also includes
- Reference guitar tuner
- Favorites page: all examples saved from the practice page reside in the favorites section. Press on any example to take you back to the practice page. Filter, delete all, or left swipe delete features available.
- Progress Page: Your practice time is measured and rewarded. The app records the time the metronome is active. Every bar represents an hour of practice. Earn a guitar pick for every hour. Earn a Grammy for every ten guitar picks.
- More section includes:                 
- App  functionality videos
- Change language from Spanish to English and vice-versa.
- About Guitar - In depth video instruction on
- Beginners video
- Tuning a guitar
- Chord diagrams
- Reading tabs
- Guitar types
- Guitar anatomy
- The pick
- Using a CAPO
- Chord glossary
- Bar chord theory
- About Music - In-depth tutorials on:
- The basics of music
- Rhythm and meter
- Chords 101: Major and Minor
- Chords 102: Dominant 7th








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English, Spanish


iPhone, iPad

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