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Lenzmark Hunt Hunting App, GPS Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Lenzmark Hunt Hunting App, GPS

Tracking and stalking trophy big game is now easy!
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Lenzmark Hunt Hunting App, GPS
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Are you excited to bag your big game trophy this hunting season? Tracking and stalking trophy big game is now easy! Lenzmark Hunt is the best big game hunting app available for the serious deer and other big game hunter and it includes the perfect mapping toolkit.

Lenzmark Hunt’s patent-pending features enhance your hunting experience for the best success. With Lenzmark hunting app, you can keep track of game sightings and movement, mark hunters and bagged game on maps with a simple picture or quickly assess terrain and distances, and get instant map details in remote areas.

With Lenzmark Hunt you will no longer be limited to viewing maps only when you have internet access. Pro features of the app let you download offline big game hunting maps for any area. Use offline GPS hunting maps and mark your hunts, on the go!
What does Lenzmark Hunt offer for Deer Hunters?
• Track game sightings and movement - You can now forget about struggling to track game sightings and movements. Lenzmark Hunt offers a marking feature which allows you to instantly mark your sightings on the map and keep track of all locations without any hassle. With this big game hunting and stalking app, you can also mark your stands and move ahead with your hunt with ease. 

• Save offline maps - Hunting and stalking in remote areas will become super easy with Lenzmark Hunt! You can download and save a favourite hunt area with Lenzmark Hunt’s Pro features.

• Quickly assess terrain and distances with visual tools - Simply use your Lenzmark Hunt app to navigate through terrain and estimate distances between different locations marked on your online/offline hunting maps. Visual tools and features available in the app allow you to prepare for your hunt by providing you all the necessary information about location, terrain and distances. 

• Use visual tools to guide you through the terrain to the trophy - With this incredible moose, mountain goat, elk and deer hunting app, you will always have a hunting map in your pocket. Use the visual tools and guide yourself through different terrain to reach your trophy mark. With the pro features, you can also share the marked map locations with other hunters in your group.

• Locate your trophy - Have you bagged your trophy? Find it easily by taking a picture of its location. In addition to the maps and marking tools, you can also use photos to navigate to your trophy destination without any hassles!

• Track Hunter Locations - Finding hunter positions is easier than ever with Lenzmark Hunt. You can now track other hunters and their locations during your hunt. We have made it very convenient for you to share your location with other hunters and our patent-pending tools help you locate hunters by simply taking a picture. Not only can you share your locations, but you can also share the location of your bagged game with other hunters with the app’s pro features. 

We have multiple additional features that will make your hunt fun and easy. Lenzmark continues to add to the Pro toolkit with powerful features designed specifically for trophy hunters who want the best stalking, mapping and hunt analysis tools available. 
Download Lenzmark Hunt, the best big game mapping and stalking app with patent-pending map features, and improve your hunting experience!


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