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Lofi Chill Piano Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Lofi Chill Piano

Lofi Chill Piano is a simple, brightly coloured kids toy reimagined as a lofi hip hop jam session.

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Lofi Chill Piano is a simple, brightly coloured kids toy reimagined as a lofi hip hop jam session. Everyone and every skill level can enjoy playing musically pleasing tones with or without the accompanying beats. Teach kids what a record is. The sounds are designed not to irritate even with heavy repetition. We hope you are inspired to further explore the world of iOS music apps or hip hop beats after having fun with this simple toy.

All it does is play chilled out music in A minor at 91 BPM. It's supposed to be fun and groovy, that's all. Lofi Kid's Piano extremely minimal, with a zero learning curve. It's hard to make it sound bad. No music theory quiz, no game over, no bluetooth midi.

Once you buy it, it's free. You cannot accidentally enter the settings menu. It will not prompt you for reviews. THERE WILL NEVER BE ADS. We will not try to sell you sound packs. Subscriptions are not available. Notifications will not be sent. Data will not be collected. We respect your privacy and attention, especially if you are too young to drive.

Lofi Kids' piano is built with AudioKit. http://audiokitpro.com. Use this awesome open source library to realize your music app dreams my dudes. Let's build synthesizers together. Special thanks to Jeff Cooper for last minute QA and advice.

Original Soundtrack for Lofi Kids' Piano produced, arranged and sometimes even composed by Tom Schulz. "In Ancient Cultures Bears Were Considered Equals With Men" will soon be available on Apple Music and wherever you listen to lofi.


Tom Schulz






146.87 MB






iPhone, iPad

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