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Lookscope: Closet & Outfits Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Lookscope: Closet & Outfits

Lookscope is a revolutionary solution for your wardrobe hassles.

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Lookscope is a revolutionary solution for your wardrobe hassles. Using the app to manage your closet and outfits will feel like cycling to a destination instead of walking.

The app allows you to import photos of clothes and accessories in seconds and makes it very easy and quick to explore possible outfits based on the existing and wished for items in your digital closet, just with swipes. Make sure you use this feature to simulate possible outfits and discover stylish ways of wearing before you buy new items!

You can also save your favorite outfits to build your own outfit portfolio. You will never need to re-think what to wear for work, dates, weddings, interviews, and other special occasions. :)

1. Simple and basic aesthetics
2. Unlimited closet and lookbook spaces
3. Automatic outfit generation and filters optimized for speed (and saving time!)
4. Automatic backup of closet data in your iCloud account
5. No need for any extra login (an iCloud login with your phone is sufficient)

1. Closet
- See the collection of your existing and wished for clothes and accessories
- Edit profiles of clothes and accessories easily with intuitive, button-based UI elements
- Use the WISH button to indicate wished for items after importing photos of clothes you are interested in buying. If you star any outfits that are based on any of these items, the outfits will be highlighted with a WISH tag in the Star Looks menu
- Use the 'Try On' feature to get an instant outfit suggestion based on the item you selected

2. Add Item
- Import sample items to quickly fill your closet with essential items
- Import photos of your existing or wished for items from your phone's Photo Library
- Resize and crop imported photos
- Edit colors of photos with filter buttons and sliders
- Edit backgrounds of photos with automatic or intuitive background removal tools
- Create a profile for your new item easily with intuitive, button-based UI elements.
- Add custom brands (premium feature)

3. Change Room
- Swipe the screen or use buttons to explore outfit options based on the items in your digital closet
- Tap on the Star button to save the outfit currently on display
- Explore outfits completely randomly for fun or systematically with a goal while progressively pinning (holding) items you want to be included in the final outfit
- Change the composition of outfit to display. You can add or remove the following six "body parts" to/from the display during outfit exploration: Head, Top-Inner, Top-Outer, Top-Bottom, Bottom, Feet and Other (for accessories)
- Explore outfits even faster by choosing color(s), season(s) of items, style(s) of items and a brand of item that you want to be included in outfit options

4. Outfits
- Check the collection of all the favorite outfits you've starred in the Change Room
- Tap on one of the favorite outfits to see it in a bigger size (better for sharing with your friends for feedback!)
- Tap on the PICK button to remember your choice for the day or an upcoming occasion

5. iCloud backup (automatically on)
- Keep your closet data backed up in your personal iCloud space
- Exercise full control of your device and cloud data (e.g., download/upload/delete/sync)

We are always happy to hear from you. Please email us at support@lookscopeapp.com or DM us on Instagram (@lookscope).

We'd love to know what you think about Lookscope! Let us know on Instagram (@lookscope) or email us at hi@lookscopeapp.com.


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