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Lullaai Baby Sleep Trainer Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Lullaai Baby Sleep Trainer

Lullaai is what you need to help your baby sleep well, make bedtime easier and reduce night wakings.
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Lullaai Baby Sleep Trainer
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“Within five days Rio was sleeping for 12 hours straight. I couldn’t believe it.” – BBC News

Lullaai is what you need to help your baby sleep well, make bedtime easier and reduce night wakings. Using a Baby Sleep Coach’s personalised counselling, sound routines, the Perfect Night Mode and science articles, Lullaai guides you along the path to understand and improve your baby’s sleep. It helps you in 3 ways:
• A real Sleep Coach who helps and supports you.
• Lullabies and Sounds specifically designed to relax your baby.
• Content created by baby sleep specialists and reviewed by paediatricians.
The Perfect Sleep Mode offers you a lullaby, nature sound and white noise playlist designed by experts to soothe your baby. The app will also detect when your baby wakes up and will help him or her go back to sleep automatically playing white noise.

With Lullaai you will always have a Baby Sleep Coach on hand via our chat to help you set up a sleep plan for your baby or settle all your queries. Lullaai is the app to assist you with your baby’s sleep, help reduce wakings and make bedtime easier. Lullaai has been created by baby sleep experts and its content is reviewed by paediatricians and specialists.

How does the Lullaai app work?
• Chat unlimitedly with a Baby Sleep Coach, who will help you out with a sleep plan and answer all your specific queries.
• The lullabies, nature sounds and white noise have been specifically designed by experts to help your baby relax during the routine and sleep better at night. Choose one of over 10 sound routines or create your own.
• Artificial intelligence recognises the baby’s sleep phases and the AutoCalm mode will enable the mobile to sense when your baby wakes up at night and turn on relaxing sounds to promote the baby’s sleep.
• You no longer need to make a note of your baby’s sleep hours. Lullaai automatically monitors the hours of night and daytime sleep so you don’t have to write them down and can focus on your baby’s sleep windows.
• It creates healthy sleep habits for your baby. Lullaai has a library of articles and videos created by paediatricians, psychologists and sleep coaches to help you understand all the sleep phases your baby goes through.
• Once you sign up and enter your baby’s sleep information, Lullaai will recommend specific content based on your baby’s needs and age.
• Lullaai will let you know when it is best to start the sleep routine. You’ll get an alert telling you when it is time to start. The length of lullabies, nature sounds and white noise will also be an indication of when it is time to switch to another activity during the routine.
Download the app and get your baby to sleep with Lullaai.

How does the Lullaai Method work?

The Lullaai Method was created based on consensus among paediatricians, psychologists and baby sleep experts. Teaching your baby healthy sleep habits improves their cognitive ability, development and wellbeing. The Lullaai Method relies on baby sleep research and our baby sleep coaches’ expertise.

We want all parents to be their own baby sleep experts so they can make informed decisions and thereby improve the quality of their entire family’s sleep.

More information about Lullaai at the website:

Our Privacy Policy:

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Please remember:

Lullaai’s medical team advises you to talk to your regular paediatrician if you believe your baby may have any condition affecting his or her sleep.

Lullaai is not a medical information processing or acquisition app. The app neither generates information nor takes direct measures for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases or disorders. Lullaai is no substitute for a health practitioner’s clinical judgement to provide a clinical diagnosis or take preventive, predictive or therapeutic decisions with respect to diseases or sleep disorder symptoms.


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