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Macs World Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Macs World

Mac's World is a single-player 3D adventure game in which a young pup explores the many floors of a mysterious mansion.
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Macs World
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Mac's World is a single-player 3D adventure game in which a young pup explores the many floors of a mysterious mansion on a quest to collect as many chicken legs as he can. Traverse 10 unique levels while dodging bombs, solving puzzles, and smacking enemies away with a trusty frying pan. But be careful, as unknown dangers lurk around each corner of the mansion. Is there a haunting afoot? Mac, along with his trusty animal sidekick, will have to face their fears to find out.
Complete each level with all the hidden collectibles in record time to get a three-star ranking! Can you help Mac uncover all the secrets of the mansion?

|Game Features|
Unravel the mystery of Mac’s World by exploring the mansion and beating action-packed levels
Solve puzzles to reveal hidden keys needed to progress in the game
Earn extra rewards by competing in timed challenges
Investigate plants, flowers, and barrels for hidden items throughout the mansion
Complete each level by collecting keys, and earn bonus stars by finding secret puzzle pieces and beating the level’s goal time
Give Mac some extra style with fun costumes including pajamas, chef, ninja, zombie, and superhero
Buy pet companions to keep Mac company, including Draco (dragon), Bacon (pig), Leo (snake), Atlas (star), and even a Whaleacorn!
Beat challenging enemies (pro tip: jump on the couch to avoid the sting of evil spiders!)
Simple and intuitive controls with integrated controller support
Cloud Save Support

|Feedback and Updates|
Feel free to let us know any improvements you think we could make to the game :)
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Daniel Jooryabi






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iPhone, iPad

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