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Make Me Smile Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Make Me Smile

Make Me Smile has one purpose, to make you smile!
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Make Me Smile
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Do you need something to just help you smile every now and then? Well, have no frown because Make Me Smile won’t let you down! 


Make Me Smile has one purpose, to make you smile!

• Choose a picture that makes you smile!
• Launch the app whenever you want to you smile!
• Make Me Smile will remind you that it is time to smile!
• Share your smileness with others who might need a smile!

You might even find that just the reminder to smile will make you smile.

Finally a notification that you will want! Not bad news about your job, not a reminder to go to the store. Nope! Just a reminder to smile!

Easy to set up, simple to use, Make Me Smile will help you weather any storm, navigate bad news, and forget life’s craziness for a minute because you are the one who chooses what makes you smile!

It's important to smile in life - Make Me Smile is here for you!

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