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Male Sexual Energy Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Male Sexual Energy

Track your sexual activity, monitor the level of sexual energy and get recommendations based on you age.
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Male Sexual Energy
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Track your sexual activity, monitor the level of sexual energy and get recommendations based on you age.
Note: This app is for men only!

Application features:
- Recording and tracking of sexual activity with the integration of the "Health" app.
- A visual demonstration of the level of sexual energy over the past month.
- Recommendations for your current level of sexual energy expenditure depending on your age and sexual activity.

According to the ancient Chinese teachings of the Tao, a man's ability to perform sexual intercourse is limited by the amount of energy he can use. Sperm is the storehouse of male sexual energy. Sperm production consumes up to a third of a man's daily energy output and is especially hard on the male glandular/immune system. A man's ability to commit the act of sexual activity is limited by the amount of energy he can use.

Preservation of sexual energy is the main principle of improvement sexual health. The ejaculation of male semen for purposes other than the birth of children is a wasteful waste of an extremely precious treasure. Frequent sex leads to a loss of sexual energy and weakens the physical health of a man, can also lead to unconscious emotional anger towards a partner and gradually deprives the male higher mind and his spirit of the ability to rejuvenate himself. Every man is born with the ability to control the reactions of his body and the ability to prevent the loss of sexual energy.

This app will help you to track your current level of male sexual energy depending on your age and sexual activity. Every day your sexual energy is restored due to the vitality of the body. Each age is characterized by its own rate of restoration of male energy. The restoration of sexual energy of older man is slower than a younger man. You should stick to sexual activity without ejaculation if your energy level is below 100%.
After each activity, the application will give recommendations on how to preserve your body's valuable resources for a full and active life.

WARNING: This is not a medical product.

The 'Male Sexual Energy' have integrates with the 'Health' app.

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iPhone, iPad

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